Whale sharks
swimming with gentle giants
June to September

Whale shark experience with Dragon Divers

Unique opportunity to swim and snorkel with the biggest fish in the ocean. A full day excursion – memory for the lifetime. Ideal for the whole family to spend some quality time together enjoying the ocean, nature and this wonderful, gentle giants of the sea.

Transportation, fresh water and super tasty tortas & snacks and lunch are included in our offer.

whale shark dragons


Looking for: Experience that will change your perception of the ocean creatures and (re)connect you with nature

Difficulty level: Easy

What’s included: Transportation, boat ride, refreshments, meals, professional guide, whale sharks

What to expect: Beauty, harmony, great outdoor time, crystal clear water, true spirit of the untouched nature

Duration: 7.30am – 4pm

Price: 200 USD

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Day with whale sharks in more details

Snorkeling rounds: 2 guests and one Dragon guide. We swim slowly, smoothly, calmly. We are guests at home of the whale shark. Respect, watch and enjoy these amazing creatures.

Safety and professionalism: Dragons are professional guides, diving instructors and dive masters and they’ll make sure you enjoy every bit of your day.  Even if you are not an experienced snorkeler or if you are not so comfortable in the water they’ll find a perfect way, just for you. You’ll love your swim with the whale sharks. Dragons will make you feel safe, secure and happy.

Free photos: During the whole day videos and pictures will be taken. We are using a GO PRO camera. At the end of the day we’ll enjoy the material together and we’ll gladly transfer it to your memory cards.

Full snorkeling gear: mask, fins, safety jackets and a hand you can hold. If you are a comfortable swimmer you can decide to rent a wetsuit / shorty for $15 USD.

Tasty meals: Trip includes breakfast/lunch and snorkeling on the local reef of Isla Mujeres. When you arrive at the pier, light breakfast will be ready for you. Cold water, soft drinks and sandwiches are available on the boat. When we finish with the snorkeling we have some beers and a caribbean lunch in the beautiful waters of Isla Mujeres to round up this amazing experience.

Seasickness prevention: A boat ride can be bumpy. Waves, ocean and speed boat can cause a bit of a seasickness. We’ll do everything we can to prevent this from happening to you. Before we start the ride, seasickness pills will be offered.

Pick up – drop off: Transportation from and to any hotel is included. You just need to show up.

What to bring: Swimsuit, towel, hat / sunglasses / sun protection. Comfortable clothes. Smile and good spirit are a must.

If we are lucky:  We might swim with mantas and see some dolphins. If we spot manta rays captain will stop the boat and we’ll snorkel with these magnificent animals.

For those who want to know more

Description: The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is a slow-moving filter feeding shark and the largest known extant fish species. The largest confirmed individual had a length of 12.65 m (41.50 ft) and a weight of approximately 21.5 metric tons (47,000 lb), and unconfirmed reports of considerably larger whale sharks exist. Claims of individuals over 14 m (46 ft) long and weighing at least 30 metric tons (66,000 lb) are not uncommon. The whale shark holds many records for sheer size in the animal kingdom, most notably being by far the largest living non-mammalian vertebrate.


Distribution and habitat: The whale shark is found in tropical and warm oceans and lives in the open sea, with a lifespan of about 70 years. Whale sharks have very large mouths, and as filter feeders, they feed mainly on plankton. The BBC program Planet Earth filmed a whale shark feeding on a school of small fish. The same documentary showed footage of a whale shark timing its arrival to coincide with the mass spawning of fish shoals and feeding on the resultant clouds of eggs and sperm.

Behavior toward divers: Despite its size, the whale shark does not pose danger to humans. Younger whale sharks are gentle and can play with divers. Touching of the whale sharks is highly discouraged by shark scientists and conservationists and of course Dragon Divers. Furthermore, on our tours is forbidden to touch the sharks or any flora and fauna of the ocean. Respect the nature!

Read more on Wikipedia and National Geographic


If you have more questions or need additional information, please give us a call. We’ll do our best to help you out or make a tailored made offer to fit your needs.

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