with the guaranteed yes

To pop the question is…

A really serious thing. So, you’ve found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. To share your dreams, hopes, all the amazing stuff. The one who will be your partner, for better or for worse. Now is the time to propose. There are a zillion ways to do it, but they all come down to one very simple thing, making it special, for both of you.
There are a very few “options” that can stand in line with asking her to say YES under the water. Enchanting cenotes or colorful & vivid Carribean coral reefs. With the little help of Dragons, it’s a scenery of a true fairytale.

Steps to “YES”

To be honest, there is no recipe. Our idea is not to have 2 same proposals. The whole process starts with us (Dragons and groom-to-be) talking. We need to understand your wishes, preferences, ideas. On top of that comes the personal style. Our role is to discuss the options, organize the things, add all the little details and at the end to help execute the whole “plan”.

 Sun, sea, beach, corals, fishes, cenotes, history, heritage, a bit of Magic. You, her, Dragons. You have it all. 

ideas gallery:

  • Treasure box
  • Underwater word cards
  • Full face mask communication
  • Photographer
  • Videographer

after the dive:

  • Private boat
  • Champagne
  • Mariachi
  • Dinner in the stunning restaurant inside of a cenote

If you want your proposal to end like this, Dragons are here to help you out. We know all the tricks and hacks, tiny and big things which will make her say yes. Both of you will have the most amazing memories for the lifetime.