Tajma ha
 is not Taj Mahal

The up and down profile is a little bit aggressive for novice divers and people with sensitive ears. but it represents one of the best cavern dives in a very exquisite place.

Tajma ha is a cenote located 20 min from Playa del Carmen and requires a long ride in the jungle

The entrance of the cenote is the small but you’ll be surprise by the diversity of the dive.
This Cenote offers a dark room, a large amount of speleothems and fossils, amazing sun beams, contrasting with the darkness of the room, a large tunnel where we will can admire the “sugar bowl” room that offers a huge light beam created by a large ceiling opening. The dive will pass as well through the gorgeous “Esmeralda” cenote.

Tajma ha is a great place and a “must dive” for Dragon divers.


  1. Area: Central
  2. Number of Cenotes: 1
  3. Cavern Lines: 1
  4. Maximum depth: 15 m/50 ft
  5. Difficulty: Medium
  6. Non divers Friendly: *
  7. Facilities: **
  8. Entrance Fee: 150 Mxn pesos