Pet Cementery
the mystic river

It got its name due to the various animal skeletons found in the cenote one of which are the fossilized remains of an extinct prehistoric camel.

Pet Cementery belongs to the second longest underwater cave system in the world, the huge Sac Aktun system. It offers a good and long dive entering by the Dos Ojos land. You will enjoy the intactness of the place: the finest formations, animal bones, blind fishes. Pet cemetery offers also imposing columns and beautiful contrast between the natural light and darkness.


  1. Area: Central
  2. Number of Cenotes: 1
  3. Cavern Lines: 1
  4. Maximum depth: 17 m/25 ft
  5. Difficulty: Medium
  6. Non divers Friendly: *****
  7. Facilities: *****
  8. Entrance Fee: 500 Mxn pesos