stunning light games

If you want to enjoy amazing light games of cenotes, Kukulkan is definitely a good choice. This cenote offers a huge open area allowing a long light beam to penetrate the water creating a wonderful light games. They are most enjoyable from the back of the open area.

Kukulkan is also a sanctuary for the freshwater turtles. The cavern zone is made of pure white limestone that shines whenever a diver’s light illuminates it. You’ll see many fossils but few stalactites. We will first “fly” in fresh water, enjoying the light effect, try to spot some of the turtles and watch a wonderful root curtain before entering the cavern zone and dive right into the halocline. The blurry vision is at its maximum due to a low ceiling, but the wideness allows the diver’s line to shift to the left or right side of the front diver for a better view. A perfect place for some amazing pictures and novice divers.


  1. Area: Central
  2. Number of Cenotes: 1
  3. Cavern Lines: 1
  4. Maximum depth: 15 m/50 fts
  5. Difficulty: Easy-Medium
  6. Non divers Friendly: **
  7. Facilities: **
  8. Entrance Fee: 150 Mxn pesos