pass the gate to your cenote dream

This cenote requires excellent buoyancy skills. To dive in Dreamgate, check dive is mandatory. It’s a must see.

Opened in April 2008, this untouched cavern offers a combination of two magnificent dives. You will enjoy the amazing sensation of flying between very fine stalactites and columns and feel the taste of the darkness experienced in Cave diving. Both dives require a really good control of neutral buoyancy because of the delicacy of the formations and of the bottom which is made of dark silt.
Be careful: dangerous stairs


  1. Area: Central
  2. Number of Cenotes: 1
  3. Cavern Lines: 2
  4. Maximum depth: 6 m/20 fts
  5. Difficulty: Hard
  6. Non divers Friendly: *
  7. Facilities: **
  8. Entrance Fee: 200 Mxn pesos