Chac Mool
2 completely different cenotes in 1 place

A very famous place and definitely a place to dive. This site provides two different entrances, the first one is a big opening in the downstream section of the site, the second a small entrance called “little brother”

The cavern is amazing, during the dive a variety of scenes will present themselves, like the two enormous caverns where you will enjoy jungle view from underwater and really wonderful light games.
Then, in the other section you will see a “dome room” made of thin stalactites. In the same room, you will also surface into a big air pocket with air access. The ceiling of this air dome provides beautiful fossils as well as some little “baby stalactites” and giant tree roots cracking the thin upper limestone to get some water.


  1. Area: Central
  2. Number of Cenotes: 2
  3. Cavern Lines: 2
  4. Maximum depth: 13 m/40 fts
  5. Difficulty: Medium
  6. Non divers Friendly: **
  7. Facilities: **
  8. Entrance Fee: 150 Mxn pesos