Dragon divers
we are that guys

Philosophy and concept of Dragon Divers

We are here because we love to dive. Simple as that. And all started from there. Someone once said – when you do in your life things you love to do, at that moment they cannot be called a “job” anymore.

Being divers and diving professionals we connected around the same idea – let’s do the things right. What exactly does it mean? As we understand it, it means right for YOU, of course, in line with all the highest professional, safety and industry standards, but adjusted to an individual, to a person. Respecting abilities, preferences and all the things which are making us that unique, specific person. So that’s the first thing – truly individual approach.
Second, and it’s a bit hard to explain, but the core would be – we’ll take / teach you diving the same way we would do with our family or friends.  With the same passion & dedication, investing all the necessary time and effort. Why? Because it’s the right way to do it. 
You, our customers & clients are a big part of our lives, so we want to see you happy (that will make us happy, logically).
Diving starts as a “skill” but ends up as a state of mind. 

yannick weber


He is: PADI MSDT & Full Cave Diver

Favorite dive: The one which surprises him. Except in caves.

Loves: The big blue, bubble rings, the full face mask, underwater life and gravity, Ivana’s mayonnaise

When diving with Yannick: Learn something or learn ME something

Doesn’t like: Pretenders

Speaks: French, English, Spanish, German

Favorite drink: Ice Tea

vincenzo biroli


He is: PADI OWSI & Full Cave Diver

Favorite dive: The next one

Loves: To levitate with the power of his breath, long cave dives, unexplored passages and restrictions

When diving with Biro: You can expect a taste of adrenaline in safe hands

Doesn’t like: Unhappy Divers

Speaks: Italian, Spanish

Favorite drink: Pineapple juice with coconut

ivana buric


She is: PADI Divemaster

Favorite dive: All with animals

Loves: Dolphins (yes a cliché), mantas, whales, seals, sharks, turtles (you see the point) and cats

When diving with Ivana: You can expect a lot of fun

Doesn’t like: Equipment washing

Speaks: English, Russian, Serbian

Favorite drink: Mojito forever

Come and dive with us. For all the questions about courses, specialties, and dives, please give us a call. We’ll make a customized offer to meet your needs.